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Gangster Chic Simply Inulin

Gangster Chic Simply Inulin

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Simply Inulin powder is made from European grown Jerusalem Artichoke Root. It is a natural and organic, non-GMO prebiotic powder allowing us to enrich our diets with more fiber and provides us with a healthy gut.

What does it do?

  • Prebiotic fiber that improves gut health.
  • Balances and eliminates overgrowth of bad gut bacteria.
  • High fiber.
  • Appetite control.
  • Dimishes bloating, reduces water retention, and regulates bowel movement when taken consistently. 
  • Curbs sweet tooth cravings.
  • Vegan friendly, gluten free, lactose free.
  • May aid weight loss due to additional fiber consumption which allows you to feel more satiated. 

What makes Simply Inulin different from other Inulins?

It is manufactured in Germany at GMP facilities, that uphold the highest standards of processing, allowing for that high concentration, purity, and quality.

How to consume?  Well, always incorporate Simply Inulin into a healthy diet of whole foods that already contain natural dietary fiber, rather than only relying on a supplement. Simply Inulin should be the chic cherry on top of your healthy, sexy whole & natural food-focused nutrition. 

How to use? It is recommended to use 1/2 tsp per serving when commencin to use the product. This will allow your body to comforably adapt to the prebiotic. Once your body feels comfortable with consumption, gradually increase your serving amount up to 5 tsp per day. My favorite combinations are in my: lemon water, coffee, tea and greek yogurt (for that prebiotic+probiotic kick.)


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