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Bleu Azur Magic Lip Chic

Bleu Azur Magic Lip Chic

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Magic Lip Chic is an organic color lasting, skin temperature and PH temperature activated color & shine lipstick made with pure Organic Aloe Vera, Jojoba Butter, and Essential Oils from Morocco provide a natural rosy pigment while repairing, moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle properties.

Long Lasting Waterproof Naturally Occuring Lip color:
Natural Care: Composed of pure natural botanical ingredients. It is rich in aloe vera moisturizing ingredients, which effectively improve the dryness and peeling of the lips. Treats, sooths and softens chapped lips. Providing naturally plumped colored cushion-like lips.

Color Change: Enhances your own skin pigment naturally to its rosier deeper hue. This is activated with your own body temperature and skin PH value of lips. Choose the intensity of the color you want by applying more or less Magic Lip Chic. From the first layer application you will get a light pigmented rosy hue to a second, and third application for a deeper hue.

Long Lasting Pigmentation: Will stay on for hours, whether you drink, eat or wear a face mask. You may even wake up to a light pigmentation leftover after a night sleep.


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