About Nics

Breaking the stigma that healthy is "boring"

My entire life I was an extremely picky eater, always being slim and never having to worry about my figure. I would live off of chocolate milk, cheettos, starbursts and pasta. Never liked one single vegetable, fish, quinoa or any of these other  "healthy meals." My activities consisted of dancing ballet, but never did I ever step foot in a gym. Since I was always slim growing up, I never focused on my weight or eating healthy. That was until I turned 18 and finished my first year in college, where I gained a significant amount of weight and felt insecure with how I looked. Not liking salads, healthy carbs, avocado and having no knowledge of how to eat to nourish your body correctly I felt frustrated and decided to go to a nutritionist so they can teach me how to incorporate nutrients into my diet.

Throughout the process, I slowly learned that eating "healthy" is not eating flavorless lettuce. There are so many healthy options, treats, and interesting recipes to make it fun. Through this passion I naturally lost the "freshman fifteen" but more importantly I learned the importance of balance and nourishing and fueling my body. This was a life long lesson that stuck with me and that is when I decided to open up Fit By Nics and post delicious recipes in order to teach others to nourish their bodies and break the stigma of "healthy is boring." Throughout the pandemic I also launched my own brand of sugar free desserts, attending numerous bazars in order to spread the joy.

On this journey I discovered Gangster Chic, a chic french brand that aligned with my new lifestyle. Educating hundreds of people about hormonal health and wellness with a line of pure wellness products. As soon as I tried Simply Inulin I fell in love and quickly became Ingrid's youngest retailer at just 18 years old.